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Lekwungen Territory

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The international BIPOC burlesque scene is an explosion of innovation, advocacy, and community creation. After experiencing the world of burlesque outside of Victoria, House of Cheek Producer, Cherry Cheeks, had a strong desire to bring that same visibility, energy and resilience to the local burlesque scene. Captivated by passionate personalities and breaking expectations of what burlesque is, Cherry is always excited to bring the international and local scenes together to create events defined by their vivacious reclamation.

House of Cheek is creating bold events unlike any other in Victoria, BC. Since the launch of "Shade: a Night of colourful Burlesque" in 2019, House of Cheek has been actively working to uplift and celebrate the boundary pushers, the underrepresented, and the inspired.  It is our goal to highlight performers of colour while creating thriving opportunities for our performers by creating spaces for BIPOC that inspire, celebrate, and hold space for dialogue. We are committed to positively influence audiences by bringing some of the best and most diverse performers in show business to our stages.


Read our "Honouring BIPOC Spaces Policy" here

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